Excel Property Management Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the following job opportunity at its West Hollywood offices:

Architectural Designer
Duties: The Architectural Designer will work under the supervision of our project architect. S/he will create sketches and architectural designs using design software and related technologies: create digital models and computer generated three-dimensional interactive presentations of designed projects; identify and compile data necessary to complete architectural designs; research applicable codes and other regulatory provisions, including applicable governmental codes and other technical variables, analyzing technical implications of design concepts, and incorporating his/her findings into architectural designs; collaborate with other professionals handling structural, electrical and mechanical designs, and incorporate various aspects of project development into a coherent graphic representation of the project plans; assist supervising architect and technical reports; devise architectural procedures and guidelines based on design specifications and required materials; research environmental options and design environmentally sound structural upgrades to existing buildings including lighting and solar systems, green roofs and insulation, water saving and water reclamation measures.
Requirements: Bachelors degree in Architecture
Rate of Pay: $64,646 per year
Hours: 40 hours per week (Full Time)
Location: Excel Property Management, Inc.
9034 West Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, California 90069

Please contact Arman Gabay regarding this job opportunity.

Send Resume and Qualifications to Arman Gabay at:

Excel Property Management Services, Inc.
90334 West Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, California 90069